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Live, Work and Love the City of Peoria, AZ

Live, Work and Love the city of Peoria, AZ

I am blessed to live and work in Peoria, AZ! It’s not hard to sell real estate to newcomers when I am Peoria’s #1 cheerleader. It’s a fact that Peoria, Arizona has become one of the most desirable places to live in the state of Arizona. Yes, I definitely Live, Work and Love the city of Peoria, AZ! 

Located in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, Peoria is a thriving city with about 164,000 residents. With approximately 325 days of sunshine per year it’s also one of the sunniest places in the country!

Saguaro Cactus in Peoria, AZ - Marie Shafer Realtor - Homes for Sale Peoria, AZ - Real Estate Expert
Saguaro Cacti in Peoria, AZ
Mexican Poppies in Peoria, AZ - Marie Shafer Realtor - Homes for Sale Peoria, AZ - Real Estate Expert
Mexican Poppies dot the desert in the summer
Mountain Views in Peoria, AZ - Marie Shafer Realtor - Homes for Sale Peoria, AZ - Real Estate Expert
Mountain Views everywhere!

The beauty of the desert

When you travel around Peoria, AZ and you will see many beautiful sites! Huge saguaros (suhwahr-ohs) are everywhere you look. These giants can live up to 150 – 200 years. In the late spring they are covered with beautiful white flowers. Another flower that you will see from July to October is the Arizona poppy. These flower profusely all over the desert, adding beautiful color to the desert. Did I mention the mountains? Turn your head in any direction and you’ll see mountains in the distance.

There are several mountain ranges surrounding Peoria, AZ. To the north there is the West Wing Mountain Preserve, to the east The East Wing Mountain Preserve and in the center of Peoria there is the Sunrise Mountain Preserve. All of these preserves have hiking trails that take you right to the top where the views are outstanding! Peoria has many other mountains as well as hills in the northern section, including Calderwood Butte, Cholla Mountain, White Peak, Hieroglyphic Mountains and Twin Buttes.

Lake Pleasant, Peoria, AZ - Marie Shafer Realtor - Homes for Sale Peoria, AZ - Real Estate Expert

In the northern most part of Peoria, AZ is Lake Pleasant, a man-made reservoir and the largest lake in the greater Phoenix area. The lake straddles the Maricopa and Yavapai counties. It covers over 10,000 acres of water surface with 116 miles of shoreline. With an average depth of 70 feet and near the dam is its deepest point of 260 feet. 

The park is open all year round and offers picnic areas, hiking trails, boating, fishing, scenic overlooks, an RV resort as well as camping areas. The park covers over 23,000 acres of desert.

There are also two marinas at Lake Pleasant: on the east side of the lake there is the Pleasant Harbor Marina and on the west side there is Scorpion Bay Marina. Both have full-service marina facilities.

Peoria, AZ itself has many amenities for all ages to enjoy: The Challenger Space Center of Arizona, the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, Historic Old Town, many golf courses, spas, restaurants, night clubs, and so much more!

Yes, I am a transplant but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere other than Peoria, Az!

Marie Shafer   

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